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Profile of team

Russell Delbert Johnson

Lead Writer
A Former Chung Moo Quan cult member. Russell is dedicated to informing others to the deceptions of Chung Moo Quan and other dangerous cults. Russell learned to research, became a private investigator, and today works in the security field. He has also immersed himself in the field of film and television: writer, production assistant, actor, producer, location manager.


David Bruskin

Story Analyst and Editor
Author, film production company director of development, and studio story analyst of films that collectively grossed over a billion dollars, including FORREST GUMP, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, and WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.


 Charles Hubble

Host and Narrator
Award-winning Charles is one of the busiest film, stage, and voice actors in the Twin Cities. Also a writer and puppeteer on 2 series. Has worked on films with Ben Kingsley, James Cromwell, and Tim Allen.


 Russ Meyer

Won 14 screenplay contests with 10 scripts. One script in pre-production, one is now a novella. Wrote a contest-winning feature script, PAPER TRAIL, about a Colorado private investigator. Now he’s co-writing DECEIVED, former Colorado private investigator Russell Johnson’s true story podcast.


 Scott O’Malley

Executive Producer
Scott O'Malley thrives on the creativity and problem solving it takes dealing with tough business and marketing challenges. He has developed or run 7 diverse companies. His latest venture Alive and Social Network, taps into his passion of developing engaging on-demand content. 

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