DECEIVED: THE MOO YEARS is the true story of one young man’s compelling, at times terrifying, former involvement with the martial arts cult Chung Moo Quan. Based on his to-be-published memoir titled DECEIVED: A JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS, author/producer Russell Johnson’s 12-week podcast combines a powerful narrative and witness interviews with martial artists, mind control experts, and former victims of the Chung Moo Quan.

Season 1
12 narrated episodes telling the story of Russell Johnson’s journey through the Chung Moo Quan martial arts cult.
5 interviews - 1 with Russell Johnson,  2 with martial arts experts,  1 with a cult expert and 1 with motion picture story analyst David Bruskin.

Season 2 – Fall 2018
In season 2 we will tell the narrated story of former cult member Russell Johnson's efforts to expose Chung Moo Quan as a dangerous and destructive cult.  Plus additional interviews as we ask in each episode - who was John C. Kim?

 Season 1 Narrated Epsiodes 

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